Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 In Review

I set forth goals for 2008 and now is time to review:

1. Keep better records so I know at the end of each day what games and levels I should be playing.

Record keeping better, I always knew what games/levels I should return to when BR low.

2. Adhere to stop loss limits each day.

Colossal failure on a few days but had no 4 figure loss days which is an improvement

3. Outside of blogger events and freerolls focus play on Omaha to build bankroll to earn enough money to play WSOP preliminary event w/o it meaning BR suicide.

This was worded too vaguely to be measurable.

4. Make 2nd day of WSOP prelim event (probably involving 4 cards).


5. Final table a big buy-in online tourney (avoid crumbling under Final Table pressure if anyone has a piece of me).

Had a 7th (and 12th) in PLO $20k and 3rd in Stars O8, plus got 4th in Stars $200 PLO when 1 outed (sadly 4th was bubble)

6. Win the $4k Guarantee PLO once this year.

Done, sadly have 2 seconds with 3+ 90% opportunities for 1st since Lucko prop bet.

7. Don't go bust on any site!

Failed, luckily I have enablers that help me swap from site to site as I avoided going busto on all sites at same time

8. Don't piss off any bloggers with my posts or comments. Plays at tables to tilt are part of big picture.

NFW I ever achieve this, it is foolishness to suggest.

Biggest shocker is apparently I gave up on goal of bluffing LJ, I guess I took the no playing with rule to heart and decided it was pointless. There were a couple of rule lapses but no successful bluffs, will have to consider adding no bluff rule for next year.

On positive side I had declared "2008 - The Four Card Year", I discovered that there are rankings on Bluff Magazine in spring and with 2 weeks to go in year I am hanging on to the 10th ranking. Sadly my PLO tourney play was only marginally profitable as the sats to FTOPS PLO do not count but the not cashing in FTOPS PLO does count.

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