Saturday, December 29, 2007

2008 - The Four Card Year

In the days before UIGEA and Neteller went under I would occaisonally go busto on a poker site. Whenever it happened I would go to Bodog Poker, play the $25 PLO tables until I had gained $200 and then moved the gains to another site (usually which provided me rakeback). A year ago I did not like Bodog's game table SW and usually had trouble finding a higher PLO table so it was natural for me to move to a site where I would continue to play PLO or O8 to pay for tourney entries.

In August I managed to obliterate my bankroll playing 6-max PLO at levels beyond reasonable for BR but in November I started playing tourney full ring PLO with success and recently full ring PLO cash with success. Question of "Why play anything else?" and need to answer Miami Don's question "What are your poker Goals?" have led to this list of goals for 2008:

1. Keep better records so I know at the end of each day what games and levels I should be playing.

2. Adhere to stop loss limits each day.

3. Outside of blogger events and freerolls focus play on Omaha to build bankroll to earn enough money to play WSOP preliminary event w/o it meaning BR suicide.

4. Make 2nd day of WSOP prelim event (probably involving 4 cards).

5. Final table a big buy-in online tourney (avoid crumbling under Final Table pressure if anyone has a piece of me).

6. Win the $4k Guarantee PLO once this year.

7. Don't go bust on any site!

8. Don't piss off any bloggers with my posts or comments. Plays at tables to tilt are part of big picture. I'm sorry to anyone I pissed off this year!

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RaisingCayne said...

Good luck with the goals Bayne!!!

Happy New Year!