Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I need 4 Cards

Congrats to LJ for taking down the Mookie. A8 seemed to be the new nutz on Full Tilt as Gary Cox hit 4 of a kind with A8 against LJ's AJ earlier at final table but Gary's AT was no good against A8 on final hand. I donked out early with TPTK against flopped set, I may have forgotten how to play poker with only 2 cards. I did bubble in Dookie

A big thank you is in order for the Big Pirate! My package of southern delicacies (bacon, grits and country ham) arrived yesterday. Wife was on the warpath when she saw contents and uttered phrase "she knows you are not supposed to have this" and was ready to call my mother lighting her up. Luckily wife mentioned the bacon and an ugly family conflict was averted when I remembered the bounty. My mom usually sends me a Christmas package containing grits and country ham and wife had asked my mom not to this year. So big woot on avoiding a sentence of turkey bacon.

As an offshoot of a chat I had with MiamiDon I decided to create a 2nd blog yesterday:
Hoy Synopsis, sadly I suspect that despite me not adding any original content it will take more time for me to distill Hoy posts than to create my ownposts.


23skidoo said...

You might want to check his creative commons license. It could get ugly.

TripJax said...

Love the hoy cliff notes...good stuff...

BigPirate said...

I look forward to the notes continuing. Sometimes I just don't have the extra two hours a day to read the full posts.

Sorry to get you in dutch with the wife. I should have shipped it to a PO Box so you could have picked it up and fried it in a back alley somewhere. Bacon junkies will cut you up!

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I, Hoyazo, hereby grant a limited, revocable license to you, Bayne, to use the content generated at my blog,, solely for the purpose of creating synopses of said content and for no other purpose, and for posting said synopses at

There, there shouldnt be any more legal issues relating to licensing.