Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Option 4 wins

There was never a chance the daughter was staying home alone.
1) She was 3 months old before she slept in her own crib at night rather than in bassinet next to wife's side of bed in master bedroom.
2) Wife slept so lightly that she heard daughter's slightest wimper so I never had sleep disturbed.
3) 1st 2 nights sleeping in crib the wife was asleep on floor by morning in the kid's room.
4) Daughter was 2 1/2 before wife trusted anyone but me to watch her.
Daughter did enjoy Bee Movie despite protesting seeing it.

Wife is a good mom even if she is a bit overprotective.

Wife was also tired after the movie and went to sleep, I got in a little poker but went card dead late in Omaha DS. Managed to go broke all in pre with AKTT ds against QQQJ ns. JJJ flop was a nice touch.

Las Vegas arrival is still slated for Friday afternoon. Odds are high that I will get impatient and hop an earlier flight.
See everyone at Mookie tonight.


OhCaptain said...

OhCaptain's OhCountess wasn't much different. We took our first vacation (3 days) since our honeymoon childless when our oldest daughter was 7, it was a trip for our 9th wedding anniversary.

Funny thing, after that weekend, I'd swear she'd let a homeless guy watch the kids (JK), but she did lighten up a lot.

KajaPoker said...

You are the Omaha Machine. Nice score.

Bee Movie sucks - you should not subject your kids to it. It is perhaps the worst movie I have seen this year. And I watch a lot of plane movies.

KajaKid slept in a bassinet/stroler next to my bed until she was onld enough to climb out of it herself. Then I slept on the floor in her room for a week. She has never had a sitter other than family or close friends.