Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What am I thinking?

I took a look at this last night on OPR. I looked at my PLO stats since Friday night and saw a $950 profit at $50 PL, $100 PL and $200 PL, ( but sadly dropped $440 screwing around at $600 PL, half of the losses when an AAKK ds lost to a K975 after a K9 flop went 2 runners for a straight which also missed my flush draw).

Chad C popped up on "girlie chat" last night with 3 tables left in $4k guarantee PLO to ask me "Why the fu*k do you play anything else?" I quickly dumped a lot of chips when I flopped trips against a better kicker and he hit boat rather than me dropping me from 6th to 24th but as I told Chad I would still cash because I could hit sit out next hand and 8 people would bust out before I blinded out. I don't know if it is the lack of antes or how quickly everyone busts out but as the bubble approaches players usually have 6 or 8 BBs and a patient shorty can always cash if that is goal.

Other than blogger events and the $75 token frenzy I plan to give up Hold'em tournaments for a while. My success in the 0045 DS Omaha has helped restore my bankroll to workable levels. Cranking through FullTilt bonus in January will help as well. And my recent run in $100 buyin Omaha tells me to focus on Omaha. I have also determined that playing Omaha as often as I do does lead to very weak/tight Hold'em play and I don't transition well.

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Chad C said...

Why play anything else if you are winning PLO?