Sunday, December 23, 2007


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Saw the generator on Kat's blog and could not resist posting result.

I suspect the MATH in whatever format will go on without me being the 24th.

Statistically one in 24 times I pick up JJ someone else at the table is supposed to have KK. Currently it feels like 12 times of 24 I will run into KK and 10 times I will run into AK and lose the race.

I cashed in Omaha $55 DS again. Went out with a straight but Chico134 was en fuego and turned quads. 3rd did not suck.

I would try to create an Omaha strategy post but I believe you accumulate majority of tournament chips when you crack AA and when someone else fails to crack your AA. Key to either case is being able to properly evaluate the flop.

Late breaking addition Sundays with Dr. Pauly TOC wow I won somehow.

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Chad C said...

Omaha Strategy

Get 4 cards, get lucky

Get 4 cards don't get unlucky