Friday, December 07, 2007


I got home last night and fired up Riverchasers. Was a bit distracted because I gave the daughter her allowance a day early due to Las Vegas. Wife reacted claiming she "did not know I was going to Las Vegas". I attempted to defend by reciting conversation that led up to her suggesting I go this weekend. Suddenly much to my surprise the daughter jumped in attacking her mother's forgetfulness. I think the "for the last two weeks that's all we heard about was poker and Las Vegas" that got me completely off the hook.

Flight is in 3 hours.

Rules for trip:
1) Pictures allowed.
2) No one adds up the amount of money I have wagered on craps table at any given time. Only a little bit was pulled out of pocket and dealers put the rest of it out there as roll progressed.

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Blinders said...

You broke rule number 2 a couple times yourself. 10 people in China could live for 5 years on what you had out there at one pount.

Purple chips rock!