Monday, December 10, 2007

WPBT report

Being my 1st winter blogger event I got to meet many bloggers for 1st time.

Arrived at MGM Friday night quite stuck from craps and I signed up to join one of the 3 mixed games, there was a seat available at a $1/$2 NL table where Schaubs, Grubby and LJ were playing and no cash table rule was lifted. (This is now also a Bayne rule as no amount of cash is worth the drama). I folded a lot early while looking at crappy non-connected cards and observing table. I limited my starting range to Ace face, suited Ace, connectors and KK since the table had a lot of 6 people saw flops and there were not many pre-flop folds of an Ace. I proceeded to go on a fairly nice run, hand order may be wrong but I believe it was:

1) limp called LJ with AJ UTG and flopped Jack to win coin flip.
2) picked up KK in BB against Schaubs when he was on a hammer raise and flopped top set
3) reraised LJ with KK and picked up a smaller pot with KK against LJ pocket pair when I turned set but board had 4 hearts and LJ was heartless.
4) I live straddled, Grubby minraised with 99 I woke up with KK and re-raised and called Grubby's jam and KK held.
5) Reraised pre, everyone folded showed KK.
6) LJ greedily eyed my stack, Grubby raised EP, I called from CO with JT, LJ called from SB with KQ. Flop was KQ small rainbow, it was check around, 9 hit turn and I made a pot sized pet since a club flush was possible and LJ called river was club and I got 1st text message from LJ.
7) I hit another OESD against non blogger on turn.
8) I flopped an OESD with 2 overs against non-blogger Brit, called pot size bet on turn and MISSED a straight draw. But did hit top pair, called his all in and rivered trips.
9) played 54o since I was en fuego and turned trip 5s.
10) I raised Grubby's BB without looking at my cards, flop was Ace and too smalls and I C-Bet after discovering I indeed held Ace.
11) Watched LJ flop 2nd set against old Canadian non-blogger at table that saw 1/2 flops. Flop was also 3 clubs and old Canadian had flopped 2nd flush with QcTc but LJ pulled out double up with river boat.
12) I picked up KK in BB and LJ had raised to $12 UTG+1. Any Ace SB had called so I re-raised to $50 to clear out Ace rags. LJ jammed and I kept my streak of never folding KK alive and it held despite A Q J on board.

I got up soon afterward because I had about half the money on the table.

I then talked to waflles and watched the Iggy vs. Katitude Roshambo match (if it was boxing fight would have been stoppped Iggy was owned).

After breakfast with Schaubs, Zeem and Chad I cabbed back to Bally's walked by a craps table and played through 2 shooters run and got to bed an hour and a half later unstuck for day.

Saturday I watched Grubby's round of craps tourney to also try to gain some insights into strategy behind a craps tourney.

I had the misfortune to be the 1st shooter when my round began, rules were no dice setting just pick up and fire. Australia does not allow dice setting and in my 10 days at Crown I had determined how to grab dice and throw with only 2 7s a side rather than 4 if I got dice coming out straight. As 1st shooter I rolled for 12 mins and built my 2500 starting stack to 5200 but others at my end of table had been pressing more aggressively. When final 3 roll stoppage occurred I was sitting 5th but 2nd-4th stacks got to act after me. I bet large enough that for them to match meant risking dropping out of top 4 as well and 7 on roll killed me. My tourney competitors tried to talk me into sticking around for cash craps but I headed to Venetian.

B.W.o.P was kind enough to present me with a Ruckbox T-Shirt, The size jump from 140 lbs to me is a lot for an smaller chica to visualize so it became a bounty rather than worn. My read was spot on that opponent held As with out another spade on KQ7 all spade flop. Unfortunately my AK was in trouble when unidentified card was an Ace.

I suffered more craps beats with weak then had a fine dinner with Fuel, Schaubs, Alan and LJ.

to be continued


Shrike said...

Uh, so ... live poker is rigged?!

That's a lot of cowboys, Bayne . . . I hope you tipped the dealer handsomely.

BigPirate said...

Yeah. I tried that "I told you I was going to Vegas" routine with my wife too. It didn't work for me. Sounds like it was a great time.

You won your second Pirate bounty for the MATH last night. E me your address again and I will get it out in time for Christmas breakfast.

Schaubs said...

I am glad we got to know each other. You are one fine man sir and it was a pleasure to dine with you and watch you run over the table (sorry LJ) at the MGM. KK 5-6 times does help the cause of course...

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Water said...

You are the man Bayne!

I don't care what anyone says...

Your heart is gold my friend... PURE GOLD!