Thursday, December 13, 2007

WPBT Trip Report Lasting Impressions

1.) While having breakfast late Friday night with Chad he commented that he had lost $40 or $60 but was quite pleased with his game because his cards and the opportunities presented were so dismal that it felt like he had won. One of my poker goals for 2008 will be to develop a similar attitude towards game.

2.) Sunday Night playing cash I did a poor job protecting hands, I probably folded 1 winning hand and in general I do a poor job extracting value on river with marginal to good hands. It was sweet to collect a piece of a bad beat jackpot ($140). Small stacking of Smokkee with boat over flush was also sweet.

3.) I was distracted while playing Saturday and Sunday, in future I need to clear my head or get up from table.

4.) Blogger weekends make me laugh.

Full Tilt's Server had an outage at 9:45 Pacific so no Omaha DS

Instead I had to send an email

Dear support,

I cash in DS Omaha 40% of time with 20% 1sts. Please credit my account with profit loss due to outage. I would calculate $161 is fair.


I busted out of riverchasers when I ran QQ into AJ and AK, Ace hit flop, turn and river then the server crashed as I finally had proff that there are 9 Aces in deck during blogaments.

Big Game Sunday is my last chance for TOC seat, while winning seat I will play HORSE. My Hold'em game is a little off recently since I have been spending more time playing Omaha and O8. I am still dead money during Razz, Stud and Stud8 but at least during Razz I get to bring in half the hands.


OhCaptain said...

Gee, if there really are 9 aces in the deck, I gotta change my outs calculations. That probably does explain why KK is the last hand I want to see when short stacked late in a tournament.


(when the server went down tonight. 8 people left in a 45 person sng...I'm second in chips. I'm so pleased)

lj said...

i am laughing out loud. not just cause it's 6am est. funny stuff. love the email to ftp.

emptyman said...

Hey -- I was planning on bringing-in at least 2/3 of the Razz hands. We should synchronize on that.

"$161 is fair."
If they prorated things on fairness, my bankroll would be $0.07. Lucky for me...

Anonymous said...

Excellent email. I hope they credited you account.

KajaPoker said...

Let everyone know I am putting a $20 bounty on twoblackaces if he is knocked out outside the top 6 in the Big Game.

Good Luck!

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Water said...

Did you ever get your $?