Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Nice work PirateLawyer

I overplayed the LJ after 1st break in Mookie. In my defense I waited until my J9 had connected a little with flop before getting chips in but ran it into a set. At least night was net positive when MiamiDon lost his last horse when StB went out in 4th. Congrats to PirateLawyer for taking it down.

Drunken BuddyDank Radio was again quite spectacular. There is nothing quite like the drunken uni-baller hating on everyone's game! I just hope that Chad turns up the temperature on the hot water heater before washing the plates from tonight's live remote.

I am still slated for a Friday arrival in Las Vegas, daughter and I always watch Survivor together so unless I hop real late flight Thursday I'll see everyone Friday.

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Shrike said...

Thanks Bayne. I'll be sure to try to provide a decent recap of the Mookie over at my blog sometime today. Since I am sadly not headed to Vegas, I'll have the time to spare.