Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Work Lunch Question

No Poker Content:

We had a going away lunch for one of the co-workers today. Company is small so each time someone leaves it is sad because very noticable.

We ended up with two tables of 16 and two separate checks (with gratuity already added for parties of 6+)

Table I was seated at had one woman but she was the guest of honor. Our check was $357 and change so "table captain" collected $24 from everyone but guest of honor.

Other table was comprised of 10 women and 6 men, woman who made reservations was handed the check and they passed check around table and each put in what they thought was fair portion.

I did politely wait until after I left restaurant to laugh at the squabbling over who had not put in fair share and left them short.

What is driver behind choice to split evenly vs. paying proportionally?

Today I had diet coke rather than beer and was not influenced to not split.


Drizztdj said...

Split evenly.

If someone goes over the top (dessert, extra beers, rub and tug) they should feel obligated to pitch in more.

23skidoo said...

What he said.

Expecting everyone in a party like that to figure out what they owe is impossible.

If someone is being a tool by over ordering then they can be socially outcast directly instead of after the fact.

BamBam said...

I tend to make the deal pre-meal and see who sits at the table with me.

The "tool" thing, can simply be addressed with a short, sharp, quick blow to the back of said tool's head!


Riggstad said...

pick up the check yourself.

Always worth not having to listen to the rest bitch about who did what.

Plus you gain equity in certain office tpye scenarios. Totally +EV

Take the edge. Whats $350?

After all, you can challenge waffles to a 2/4 game of PLO and come out way ahead to make up the difference.

Astin said...

Depends on the spread. If everyone is a few bucks within the mean, split evenly. A beer vs pop shouldn't be a deciding factor. But if someone orders the filet and a martini while someone else just has a caesar appetizer and water, that's a pretty big disparity to reconcile.

My Delmonico dinner was split 5 ways except the wine, which was split 4 due to a non-drinker, and the cost was non-trivial.

Or do what Riggs said.