Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter WPBT Report

Friday I arrived at MGM later than planned.

In a wafflesque move the only Southwest flight departing San Jose with a delay was mine and it was 2+ hours late.

The MGM Sports bar had a deal going where you could buy a $9 Beer in a 32 (or 44) oz glass and get $5 refills all night. I definitely extracted value from that and got sloshed.

Apologies to Blogger Mixed game for my horrible poker faux paus of commenting on a hand in progress I was not involved with:

Blinders raised 3rd street with an Ace up and led out again when he also got an Ace on 4th, "At which point STANDING next to table I blurted out "You know he's got a set to lead out", I then slunk away from table in shame, I did sneak back to table to see that PirateLawyer had called him down with a set of 7s and was somewhat relieved that my comment had helped Blinder's reinforce image and PL either made good read or was being calling station and had not let my comment influence him either. As penance I drank more.

I talked to JoeSpeaker for the 1st time, goal was to apologise to him for going off on him in chatbox a couple of years ago during WPBT PLO. It ended up costing me $2 as the bad beat that prompted my blowup was mentioned and the cagey Rooster was quick to insist on $1, I also had to pay Mr Speaker off so lesson learned.

Rest of evening is a drunken blur other than a brutal craps session with Vinnay and then staggering back to Bally's via Planet Hollywood and taking losses on 2 more craps tables.

Kudos to Falstaff and the Venetian for a fine tournament. Saw some old nemesis and made a new nemesis.

Chad once asked in chat "Do you ever win a pot where you haven't coolered someone?"

Joshua found out the answer the hard way when he dared raise my BB with AKo and I was holding crabs. The A K 3 flop sealed his fate when he indignantly shoved on my check raise and saw he was the one drawing to 4 outs that did not come.

I busted Carmen's mom when her top pair on flop was no good against my AA to become big stack at table.

It was short lived as BigMike won a flip aginst my QQ so I was back to starting stack when I was moved next to Carmen and opposite the old nemesis. It was mostly frustrating table as I was card dead and not getting a lot of 1st raise opportunity Pender to my right was raising a lot in front of me and was willing to flip for pots if reraised with hands better than I was being dealt but a wide range. Still hovering near starting stack and blinds in 300/600 range I told Columbo I was going to have to raise his BB since I could always out flop him and looking at my cards was a waste of time. I had quickly peeked at AKdd and raised and Columbo asked SB if he looked. It folded to Columbo and after much delay and me asking "would it help to know if I looked?" Columbo asked how much I had behind before raising to 4k. I quickly jammed to 9500 and Columbo tanked again before folding. I showed my AK which gave me the advantage in what MiamiDon had billed as the "Battle of the Cockroaches" and could claim that victory when Columbo exited 1st.

I managed to lay an AJ (sooted) outflopping AK beat on Change for a well earned ceramic donkey. I am hoping I get to keep but daughter saw it this morning and made some comment about it being "too artsy" for me. I fear my trophy may disappear into daughter's room by the time I get home.

The poker tourney structure had an ugly twist when it suddenly went from 1k/2k 100 ante to 3k/6k 300 ante. I had a lot of 2 small hands which I folded until I was down to 2500 behind my 3k BB when Astin raised. I manged to crack his JJ with Q9 and built up to around 20k chips when Dawn Summers jammed UTG (for 3.5 BBs), the aggressive flip seeking Pender rejammed and I looking at JJ decided it was time to triple of go home. It was good spot as I was against 99 and AT but of course Ace came on flop and I did not improve while Dawn was shouting "Now Hold"

Sunday was spent watching Bucs lose a close game with Falcons, watching Dawn absolutely pwn CK in football knowledge quiz, taunting Recess and Buddy during Ravens Steelers game and getting further crushed at the craps tables.

Ran so out of gas on trip report


lj said...

yay trip report!!

Shrike said...

Great to meet you, and that blurted remark was priceless. For what it's worth, I really didn't think he had it and was planning to call down barring ugly developments.