Monday, January 14, 2008

Ignoring the Evidence

Despite my January vow of focusing on Omaha, the knowledge that the points tard was working on Saturday led me to try to satellite into the $750k on Saturday. I also attempted an $8.80 36 player SNG into the Sunday Brawl.

The Sunday Brawl sat saw me wounded at Final table when I lost a 3 way pot with AA against AK and KJ when AK went Broadway. I fought back for 3rd and a big fat ZERO instead of the $32 2nd or entry. I did win the $750k sat but faced an intersting dilemma at seat bubble. 22 seats were awarded but 23rd was $198, temptation to take dive and use money for Brawl was high but two others at my table were diving for money too and since Chip Jett was still live I wanted to see if I could also pick up bounty during monkey push time.

I woke up Sunday morning and played a Brawl sat got sucked out on then put full HE skillz to test in Super-Turbo.

Played 2.75 hours in Brawl no KOs, no prizes despite being top 25 1st 15 mins on a flopped set aginst AJ on Ace high flop, then lost a coinflip to a KJo UTG raiser Played $750K for 2.5 hours only to jam a KJs from SB 2k chips 80/160 blinds and get called by a monster QT which flopped a Ten. 5 Hours of play a paltry 224 points earned and a complete ignoring of the evidence that says don't play Hold'em:

I did win a ~75 player $22 ^-max Omaha tourney Saturday, took 3rd in $2k Omaha KO Sunday and was 11th in Sunday night $4k guarantee. I tried a different approach and was in 4th place with 36 left and 36 paid. This is alien to my game and I lost a good number of chips when a favored draw did not hit only to get them back from overpair overplaying tard a bit later.

My FTOPS sats are 0 for 6 at this point with me catching 1 cash prize against Hoy.
Below is my reminder to focus on PLO.

But I also can see from this that 1 Big score can make all the difference!

I may make MATH tonight if I can get upbeat about HE again.

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