Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mission Accomplished

No, not that mission.

Sadly I got a message from that lifeless tard RecessRampagethat his efforts 4 tabling $2/$4 NL 6-max had allowed him to win bet an hour before I cleared. I can only blame the 3 hours Saturday night where I was not playing cash tables becauseI was somewhat busto. I had already committed tokens to Blogger Horse and Big Game, had 27 cents left but was still alive in $3k PL O8. Saturday in PLO I managed to lose hands with an Aces over boat where opponent flopped quads and lost with quad 8s to quad Aces on river Ace.

Finishing 8th gave me a little cash to resume points quest but the lost time gave Recess the edge.

A four way chop in the Big Game gave me my 1st ever Big Game cash (VinNay, Chad and MiamiDon were others) Key hand was against VinNay, he raised my BB light but hit flop harder than me. Money went in on the flop but then I delivered a massive suckout.

MATH is at 10 ET Monday, I am a little crispy from points race but may show up. Part of me wants to just shut down PC for a few days but there are only 20 left in $3k Pl O8 as I write and I am 13th.


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

My eyes are begging me to stop staring at the virtual felt for a few days.

Lifeless tard lives here.

cmitch said...

Nice job on the chop.

Edit the Cash Balance image immediately!!! It has your address and phone number for the world to see!!

bayne_s said...

Thanks for headsup mitch.

As long as no one who saw this tries to steal my gun collection I should be okay.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

I wrote down the info already. heh heh heh