Friday, January 11, 2008

Mission 21k

My battle with Alan continues, I am rested headed into weekend but I know that lifeless tard is capable of 4 tabling $2/$4 6-Max for hours. Biggest leak in my points quest is dabbling in tournaments. The PLO KO at 1615 and the $4k PLO are weaknesses. As well as FTOPS Omadraw sats.
Chad and I played a sat yesterday with some unbelievable tards. I was eliminated by a tard that cold called 2 bets with A89T (ace was suited) but in fairness to that tard raiser had raised KKJ7 earlier (no suits).
Goal for weekend points is set will have to see how the points duel goes.


Big Sed said...

wow bayne that was a strong reply I asked for the info so i could get you to teach me omaha.Thats all i wanted thanks man

Instant Tragedy said...

8K down, 13K to go.


WTG Bayne!


Francase said...

Holy shit, that's a lot of points.