Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So close Mook

I cameoed in Mookie and then watched Mookie get to heads up vs. Surf. Disaster was averted and the curse continued when surf picked up KK to end. Congrats to MiamiDon for going deep in 50/50 with a WWBD style. Congrats to KOD for his return to $28k final table and 6th place finish.

I made a run at $3k O8 but exited 12th when I ran TPTK with gutshot into a bottom pair + oesd that hit trips.

I also got a preview of the spring edition of Dancing With the Stars, I can't wait to hear what Bruno has to say about this:

As a rebuttal to Don's theory I sent ScottMc three hand histories where I requested time to check my pot odds vs. assessment of outs. Clearly none were slow rolls as accused since I was chasing every time. Despite what my new buddy googol would suggest sometimes you just want to take some time to consider options at crucial times.


Anonymous said...

I know you are always gunning to get me but that's Scott's theory.

bayne_s said...

my apologies Don