Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Streak broken

I busted out of $3k PL O8 without cashing. Hand that crippled me was AQQJ ds where I limp called a preflop raise for 10% of stack. Flop was KQT (2 spades, I did not have spades). SB bet 1/2 pot and I jammed him, he called with his A47T (with nut flush draw) and was rewarded with river flush. My FCD repellant has apparently worn off.

Went out of Blogger skill series mainly due to overplaying A3 against Chad, when he bet turn K I decided he had big cards and had 2nd pair rather than was betting TPTK and his A22K scooped. Next hand A36K where limp calling was all in finished me against Chad's A2JJ. Thanks for freeroll Drizz .

Mookie is tonight, password Vegas1 7 Pacific Full Tilt.

Daughter's take on Juno: "We don't need to see that movie, she should have used a condom?"
Fathers even when they certainly don't want to be grandfathers are never quite ready to hear some things.


Instant Tragedy said...

Be glad to know that she is thinking safe, even though the terror of your girl thinking about sex will overwhelm you.

I told Shelby that she's not allowed to date till she is 25.

Fat chance that will happen

CSuave said...

That is kinda young isn't it IT? LOL Mine is only 9 now and I am thinking she can date at 30!!!!