Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Omaha 8 questions

Questions sent in chat while raing B.W.o.P in $3k O8, 15th cash better luck next time.

Bayne: why does someone with nut low raise in O8 just because they are holding 2 threes. (A3 made nut low, I held nut flush)

Bayne: Why does same person raise AKK8 and keep betting when low hits?

Bayne: Why does he bet river, gets raised and calls with pair and using A8 for low when river card made oesd hit?

I don't know the answers to questions but dude dumped a decent portion of his stack to me. Rule of any split pot game is bet when you have high (that is unlikely to be split) or a chance to scoop.

The good news for recess is I only got in 80 hands of 8/16 O8 tonight due to tables breaking up quickly, good news for me is that I won 30 BB/100.

The bad news for recess was I got in 209 hands at 5/10 and bad news for me is I lost 3 BB/100.

I played Mookie and used up good cardma before 1st break. Had AA twice, KK twice and flopped quads with 44 against AA. I also flopped trips a couple of times. After break slow bleed.

Dookie I got off to good start but then went to final table as chip leader but bled off some chips with specultive hands. Then lost a hand to pokerenthusiast when 55 held up against my AKQ and then made a cardinal mistake of going over the top of an obvious AA with a ragged KK.

Riverchasers is tonight but it is Persian food at work, such a dilemma, if I play at work and bust early no problem, if I get home in time I eat some lean dinner with no chance of beef or lamb and can play in comfort.


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Enjoy persian food, don't play poker, and that way, I can go to happy hr without feeling any guilt.

Schaubs said...

Meat before poker.

lj said...

w00t work social life.