Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Night of Tourney Cameos

I busted out of $4k PLO within 1st 20 minutes, I called a wrap + flush draw on flop, hit turn and pushed giving my opponent 2:1 odds to draw to boat. But EuroMath applies in PLO and he hit.

I restricted my appearance to MATH to around 11 mins. VinNay seemed a little aggro about stealing blinds so when he raised from CO and I had AA in SB I opted for trap. I got all my chips in on the J high 2 spades flop but Hank must be mad at me too and Vinny hit his Queens set on river. Setup to suck out in an instant.

I did win a $75 token in Token frenzy but it was quickly sacrificed when someone chose to draw to his overwrap on a paired board with flush draw present, my trips did not improve, my flush draw did not hit but straight came in. PLO fonkey took my chips and busted out 3 hands later drawing to a flush against a flopped boat.

I did make enough in cash to cover all tourney buy ins plus a little but more importantly continued to accumulate points at a high enough rate to force Recess into tarded decisions.

Congrats to Hoy for satellite win into FTOPS #10

Tonight Chad is hosting the Skill Game on FTP (Razz).

Tonight Smokkee is hosting the Bodog Blogger Tourney with added $T.


$mokkee said...

thanks for the pimpage Bayne. GL tonight!

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Let's make it clear that it's tarded life decisions, not poker decisions.