Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More PLO fun

Drizz had asked some questions.

I keep finishing 20-30 in $4k PLO this week, I mainly ask myself if I am happy with the decisions I made that led to exit. For the most part hands are like this one:

I am a shorty sitting 20 of 23

Dealt to bayne_s [As 5s Qc Ac]
wammie has 15 seconds left to act
wammie folds
bungaloso folds
dacro42 folds
Juice is Runnin has 15 seconds left to act
Juice is Runnin is sitting out
Juice is Runnin has timed out
Juice is Runnin folds
bayne_s raises to 2,800
cqsta folds
Juice is Runnin has returned
BennyKillPot folds
rosco136 raises to 8,800
bayne_s raises to 9,700, and is all in
rosco136 calls 900
bayne_s shows [As 5s Qc Ac]
rosco136 shows [8c Ad Ks Js]

In general all in pre with AA is a high variance way to play PLO but being ds against his no live suits I have a rare 3:1 pre-flop edge.

*** FLOP *** [Kd 2s Tc]
*** TURN *** [Kd 2s Tc] [8h]
*** RIVER *** [Kd 2s Tc 8h] [Qh]
bayne_s shows a pair of Aces
rosco136 shows a straight, Ace high
rosco136 wins the pot (19,800) with a straight, Ace high

I also had a fun hand in Dookie:

Dealt to bayne_s [Qh Ks Tc Jh]
Astin folds
pvanharibo sits down
pvanharibo adds 12,005
Donkette sits down
Donkette adds 4,298
twoblackaces sits down
twoblackaces adds 2,267
jimdniacc sits down
jimdniacc adds 5,982
Mattazuma folds
bayne_s raises to 700
pokerenthusiast folds
ScottMc calls 500 Hint Scott the blue button on the left is "Fold"
*** FLOP *** [Jd Th Kh]
ScottMc bets 1,500
bayne_s raises to 2,195, and is all in
ScottMc calls 695
bayne_s shows [Qh Ks Tc Jh]
ScottMc shows [3d As 3h Qc]

I am 57% favorite on this flop against the made straight. Scott is 37%. 6% tie. Lesson of playing shit hand in PLO is that you can catch a dream flop and still be a dog.

*** TURN *** [Jd Th Kh] [8s]
*** RIVER *** [Jd Th Kh 8s] [Ts]
bayne_s shows a full house, Tens full of Kings
ScottMc shows a straight, Ace high.

Mookie did not go that well, built up to a Top 10 Stack then raised AK and had to call a priced in reraise only to be against AA. I threw away some chips in EP with 99 when I got bluffed off by an unimproved AK. Playing PLO at same time as NLHE makes me more willing to fold medium-strong hands. But also tends to get me chasing draws.

My biggest score of day was this discovery. This house is 3 blocks from my old house and was built the same year with the same floor plan. I sold last May for a nice chunk more than that asking price.

At bubble in PLO DS I was chipleader with 37k, anyeights was 2nd with 21k and NewarkNJGary was 3rd with 17k. I channelled Lucko and raised a lot. By the time the bubble burst 2nd had 20k and 3rd and 4th were around 9k because if 2nd stack did not raise I felt I should. Sometime after bubble burst 2nd stack disconnected and I failed to notice, I kept pounding on the 2 shorties and 2nd stack so when I took out 4th, blinds were 500/1000 and 3rd had maybe 4k chips and 2nd was 10k. NewarkNJGary was a little mad at me because I did not let him finish 2nd. Ethically it seems like collusion to allow that but sadly I did not make decision dure to ethical considerations rather I failed to notice anyeights was disconnected rather than very weak/tight. Hewas 2nd biggest stack and finished 2nd.

I will have to see if I can carry success over to Riverchasers.

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Drizztdj said...

True that AA is a higher variance play while short, but if you can assure yourself a little bit of a favorite, I'd think its worth it.

Nice win the $50 again!