Monday, April 28, 2008

Vegas trip report

WSOP-C PLO had 126 entrants. Lee Watkinson, Allen Cunningham, Eskimo Clark and Jason Stern were the pros I recognised. None were at my starting table.

My starting table was very good for my style of PLO as pretty much the only pre-flop raises were by AA hands. Starting table was pretty bad for me as I could not hit a flop, (only set I hit at 1st table was bottom set on 679 flop with 2 hearts). Other aspect of the starting table was 2 of the AA raisers always went to showdown with unimproved AA and there was a Scandi at table willing to bet hard with top pair and a draw and he would call river bets with just top pair (and sadly win).

4th level I got moved to a new table where Eskimo Clark had amassed a huge chip stack, 5k was starting stack, I was sadly around 3k and Eskimo had ~30k. He moves rather well for someone who had stroke at Razz final table last summer but does still have some of the frozen features of a stroke victim. I managed to double up once at new table flopping bottom set and nut flush draw against top pair + gut but went out when UTG raised 7664 (1s) into my AKKJ (same suit), I reraised and we got all in pre but he turned a 6 after a nice 992 flop.

I had a few nice craps rolls but I kept running into Recess' proteges shooting before and after me. 2nd Sickest sequence was 3 roll shooter, (craps, point, out), 2 (point, out) shooters, then I had a 17 roll turn where I hit 4 points and collected the fire bet, and was folled by another 2 roll shooter. Sickest sequence was a dude walked up to the table and asked for a $10k marker which was gone in ~7 minutes.


Instant Tragedy said...



Recess is the ultimate in those "World Record Rolls!"

RaisingCayne said...

UTG raised w/7664!??!... and then is paid off after getting it all in pre!? This outcome seems to be deserving of a more bitter tone in your write up! Hopefully you were at least able to whisper "what a fonkey idiot" on your way out.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

ah, the 3 roll shooter... those are my top graduating class...