Tuesday, June 03, 2008

"finally caught you"

Is this really an appropriate comment after CALLING a jam with ATs and sucking out from the underside of the flip against 77? Having railed Smokkee a few times deep in tournaments I have seen many an exit with Arag just before money climb.

Las Vegas was built on games with smaller edges than 52-48. Later watching the river save Smokkee as willwonka and MiamiDon were subsequently eliminated could only lead one to wonder if "bounty" was a sham and RNG was rigged as gift to Smokkee for his shilling.


$mokkee said...

how many times did you jam my BB after it was folded to you in the SB?

too freakin many..ATo looked like AA to me afte all those shoves.

Fuel55 said...

You're both fishcakes.

Ingoal said...

--> hands bayne a tinfoil hat

lj said...

woot aggro bayne!

Instant Tragedy said...

Laughs at Ingoal.

Conspiracy Theories abound but Buddy Dank, luckboxed into the TOC.

I mean come on. ROFLMAO.

Life gives us bad beats. Some are worse than others. But Karma is always around to settle the score.

Be patient and you will get the Big Score. Or watch as Smokkee is sucked out on the FT bubble on the Bodonkey.

Now that would be Irony wouldn't it.

Just be patient.

lightning36 said...

Rigged. It's all rigged ...

Love_elf said...

Bayne - are you kidding me??? rigged? get real.

Bad Bayne!