Monday, June 09, 2008

In Vegas

I slowly made my way to Rio after arrival. Finished registration for Event 19 and got oriented to the room. I did play some $2/$5 PLO cash, Mississippi straddle is harsh. There was only 1 player straddling every orbit and I was UTG for his straddle (so suddenly 3rd to act pre) and straddler was raising 1/2 hands. Guy to his left straddled my BB once and CO raised him off his straddle which put an end to that. Session was only 45 minutes or so for a $62 profit as table lost 4 players when 2nd half of Lakers Celtics started and I decided to watch as well.

I may have to accept I am a younger worse poker playing TJ Cloutier. I left poker room, found a craps table with a good view of TV and found myself on opposite side of stickman as TJ himself.
I "disrupted" shooter by placing some numbers and TJ bitched at me as shooter threw a 7.
2 players passed the dice leaving me to shoot, under pressure I managed to roll 2 points and maybe 14 numbers including 4 Tens and 3 4s so we all made money. TJ had a breakeven roll for me and left table saying "nice roll kid" to me as he moved to other table.

Will head to Venetian in a bit but planning on quiet night since tourney is at noon Tuesday.


Schaubs said...

Good luck Bayne, I am sending you good vibes and I can feel a nice cash coming for you.

Don't look too far ahead, stay in the moment.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Your roll is nothing. Wait till I hit the craps table.

Shrike said...

Best of luck in tomorrow's PLO.

I will scurry home from court tomorrow to find out how you and CK are doing.

F-Train said...

Good luck! I'll be around trying to keep tabs on you both.

Less Big Pirate said...

Good luck!