Sunday, June 15, 2008

Vegas Recap

I met Bambam, pebbles, sprstoner and cmitch for 1st time.

I spent a lot of time at -EV tables with cmitch and Vinnay.

I spent time at craps tables with cmitch, Vinnay, CK, MiamiDon and even briefly with LJ without making money a single time rolling with bloggers.

Poker for trip saw -$1500 buyin for Event 19.
4 short cash sessions for +$220 playing 2/5 PLO twice at Rio and 4/8 limit O8 at Venetian.

My travels to Las Vegas with a tournament centric focus introduce a different dynamic. Before tournament I play live poker fine, with main concern being make good decisions and get used to handling cards and -EV table games that occur are pure entertainment and I know potential for big score is still less than a tourney. Post bustout I am not chasing money losses but am chasing an adrenaline rush. Craps is better than cash poker for adrenaline rush.

I played craps at Rio many times, every time TJ Cloutier was at one of 4 tables open. Tuesday was Event 19 and I busted at 4, TJ was there as I killed some time before having dinner with CK during break. TJ was still there after dinner before I went back and railed CK and had F-Train utilize all 135 pounds of fury to push me away from her table so as not to make her nervous.

Sadly CK busted out soon after Celtics lost Game 3 to Lakers, and I went back by craps tables with TJ still there to catch the 1 am shuttle to strip.

Apologies to Tina, Smokkee, Astin and Hoy for not spending more time with them. I may have to evaluate my craps degeneracy. I went on craps tilt Friday after Venetian tables kicked my ass. Went to Casino Royale with last $100 budgeted for craps and ran it up to $850, but was further tilted when I learned I had rolled dice for 40 minutes. Means I was not aggressive enough in pressing bets because I should make $2k on a roll that long.

Being home for Father's Day is key, big win for me was daughter liked bracelets I brought back for her and she got me a Tommy Bahama T-Shirt with poker theme.

Congrats to LJ for taking down a seat in FullTilt's 150 seat guarantee, I think she can teach me how to roach in tournaments as well after watching that performance.

I "won" 0045 PLO DS tonight. NSinger and I agreed to chop. I had 6:1 chip lead but we got all in pre with me having AA and him having KK and he flopped King, whoever finished 3rd was pissy when he called reraise with JJ against my AA and I runnered a straight against him. Blinds were 120/240 with us each having 15k chips so chop seemed reasonable. I won all in so I get coveted bluff points.


Instant Tragedy said...

Well, what do you expect. You had the Ghost of Iceman (Recess Rampage) over you saying..."Get Prepared for the roll of your life!"

40 MIN! Are you kidding me. WOW! That's sick.

Next time we're in Vegas, time to bring out the ATM, the casino backing up the craps table with money, and depositing it in our pockets.

Congrats on the PLO DS win!

BamBam said...

It was great to finally meet you Bayne. Good times.

Weak Player said...

It was good seeing you, Bayne