Friday, June 06, 2008

Super Turbo SNGs

I <3 SuperTurbos. Sample size is small since to date I've played 90. My observations to date are that a lot of people play the less than $30 ones with same approach as the 100 chip sats for Sunday big tournies.

I set up TourneyManager to filter since May 30 (date I first played Chippie)

I think I like the numbers I am seeing.

I'm not making Waffles' money doing this but assuming I can ever withdraw it does not suck.

I think poker discussions with LJ have gotten my aggro to proper levels.


Anonymous said...

Any desire to share some thoughts on strategy for the Super Turbos? I'm finding them quite addictive, with only middling success so far (at the 15 buck level).

Greg aka chitwood

Bayne_S said...

Greg aka chitwood,

My belief is that most people are playing 300 chip super turbos with a strategy appropriate for the 100 chip super turbo sats.

I think you have to play 1st 2 orbits like it is a regular SNG but after that you are at chippie chip ratios. If you have to act act against a stack that is big enough to fold or with a hand.

Key to play is adjusting to table dynamics that occur after 1st big pot is won.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bayne, that makes a lot of sense--you are right, people are in autoshove mode very early--probably too early.