Thursday, November 08, 2007

Afternoon Musings

Tonight I will try to follow the zen-master's teachings, I will go into RiverChasers with a positive attitude and try to enjoy the tourney. My other poker sensei has suggested I need poker goals.

With my parents arriving tomorrow night I will probably take a few day break from poker other than an occasional cameo for Full Tilt's point a day promotion. Being of Scottish descent I can't pass up a freebie. This will also give me some time away from the virtual tables to reflect on what I want out of poker. Being from a dysfunctional southern family I realize as I type this I have failed to ask Dad if his prostate cancer has cleared up but I have asked him if he now has man boobs (yes he does). Dad was also an electrical engineer so I will also get to share thoughts on working career as well. I might need goals there as well!

I do enjoy tilting people at poker, need to figure out how to quantify that as a goal.
From O8 chat during lunch:
x_3073_x: raise me again with nothing
x_3073_x: pain the ensue
x_3073_x: ready for it
Dude had been raising with low draws and shit flush draws for 30 minutes when I busted his Top pair, 9 high flush draw with my straight draw,low draw, nut flush draw (with 2 overs), I think he tilted off another $150 to others at table next 3 hands because his crappy hands stopped hitting.

The next paragraph is NOT in line with the zen-master's teachings:
I may have to take Hoy up on his head's up match challenge. My belief is that unless we both are all in the 1st hand the match will last until FullTilt's next server outage. Beauty of such a match is at some point the blinds would reach a level where SB is all in and decision making is gone and the shorter stack would always double up I could log off and go to bed and wait for result to appear.

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Chad C said...

If you cant relax and have fun in a $10 bloggament you are sick! Even when one of the blonkeys bad beats you think about this;