Thursday, November 01, 2007

0 for BBT deuce

I had my best showing of BBT deuce when I made it past the 1st break.

Screwed up one hand early when I flopped a straight with T9 from the blinds and failed to milk oossuuu because I forgot that there were a few bloggers capable of folding 2 pair on the flop.

I don't remember where I bled my 5k peak stack down to 3k but did lose a coinflip with AQ against a 33 that reraised jammed then went out when I jammed after 2 limpers with AT and the UTG limper called with KTo and sucked out a K.

My biggest screw-up in play is I had tables open for $4k Omaha, 50-50, $75 token Frenzy, the Mookie and $28k guarantee. I play on a 17 inch screen laptop and had a chat window open. I missed that StB had said hello in chat box until after he busted out.

Out of those 5 tournies I did cash in the $28k when I lost a coin flip late. AK against 77 who limp called jam. 50-50 exit was assured when I called a pot size bet thinking I had 15 outs when actually I had 13 outs. Stupid river card missed my straight draws but hit my flush draw while pairing board.

I will try to link to lucko on myspace so I can win Riverchasers tonight.

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lj said...

lol you made a myspace joke!