Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Night Off From Poker

I stayed late at work and missed the Bodog Blogger tournament.

MiamiDon had convinced me late Monday that taking a night off would help reset RNG.

I got home and family was out so I entered token frenzy which I should have gotten a token but someone made a call waffles judged "horrible" to eliminate me with 20 to go to token.

I also chose to enter $28k and made it to an exciting 1st break. Epicenter of 5.6 earthquake occurred ~10 miles to the east. Nothing in apartment broke and I have now actually felt an earthquake. Wife and daughter are still 1 ahead of me. After money bubble broke I played super-tight climbing up the money board 1 fold at a time thanks to FullTilt connectivity issues. I got connected intermittently enough to stay alive until with 53k chips I chose to jam a Fuel protege UTG+1 who had limped 55. He called my 50k raise and my AK did not improve. I went out 25th rather than jumping up to 5th in chips.

LJ then convinced me to try to sat into 6 handed FTOPS Omaha and try to collect bounty on Lee Watkinson. He beat me head's up when my overpair did not run down his top 2 flopped.

Make sure to join me playing the Halloween edition of the Mookie to see how I exactly I get rivered early.


smokkee said...

Bayne, make sure you play the Bodonkey next week. work is overrated.

lj said...

should "night off" be in quotes?

i just wish i could have played as "bayne_s" a little longer -- i was a luckbox for almost five minutes! (um, except for the brief period when "you" busted from that omaha tournament)

if family was home no token frenzy?