Thursday, October 11, 2007


Lucko21 inspired me to give the 2115 Omaha tourney a try. I even felt good enough about my game to challenge Lucko to a last longer bet ($11 to cover next week's Mookie).

Lucko went out rather early by daring to get his chips all in with the nuts on turn against someone with 2nd straight and a set. Donkey hit the straight as donkeys will do early on in an Omadraw tourney. They are such a minefield! I went out a little bit later on the hand below:

Along the way I sucked out a 2 pair against AA and 2nd flush draw. I had flopped top pair and the nut flush draw and my flop bet committed me. Later I raised pre-flop with a single suited AA against 2 others and flopped the nut flush. It was early so my pot bet was checkraised by a pair and OESD. With 16 left I was the big stack by a little but lost achip leadwhen HU I had straight run into boat and then again HU had flush draw and wrap run into shorties top 2 and missed my draws.

Today was Day 1 of GChat detox. It was tough but I did manage to make quite a bit of progress at work when I finally found crux of problem I have spent past 2 weeks banging my head on.

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