Monday, October 29, 2007

My trap worked

That Chris Ferguson Full Tilt Commercial hits home now. Early on Evy35 made a reasonable pre-flop call defending SB with AQ. Flopped top pair and action was a pot sized bet which I smooth called.

Maybe I jam here a blogger folds TPTK.


Q on turn and action is Evy35 bets half pot and I jam and get called. Odds of top trips, top kicker folding nil. Odds of running into Q8s non-zero.

The river Ace rather than one of the other 7 outs was a kick to nuts but IGH early again.

Cashed in 50-50 when just before bubble I jammed JJ into KK to be crippled and just after bubble AQ lost to the button's super-donkey dominated KT. If BWoP had bigger ego she would play KT too.


Schaubs said...

That is sick.

ckbluffer said...

KT? The Perfect Korean?

Nah, that's not me.

Nowhere close.

I'm probably a 7 at best, and K-7 sucks.

smokkee said...

you've lost your touch.

Evy35 said...

i would say i was sorry for hitting that river card, but i'd be lying...:)