Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Million Fun

Congrats to MiamiDon for his 27th place finish in Full Tilt's $750k Guarantee! I finish a little lower. I won a $26 token that I have already used to register for tomorrow's MATH. Before I get into $750k hands I thought I would show screen shot of bubble boy exiting token frenzy.

I cashed for $412.50 in Guarantee. As I was telling Chad , Don and JJ for the 1st hour and a half I had 0 pocket pairs. For the tournament I never flopped a set.
However one shorty was kind enough to jam me with 2 pair.

The 1st time I was dealt AK I had a fortuitous flop. (I did limp call with it)

I did raise pre-flopwith KQ in late postion, SB called pre and jammed flop. I was pissed and made a marginal call (1000 to win 1700) but was rewarded.

A little later I managed to get all-in on turn with trips no kicker.

Woot now with a river 2 I should loosen up because I am now on a freeroll.

Most of my chip accumulation occurred with garbage hands playing from blinds as BB could not let his 2nd pair go on this hand.

In a rare victory outside of the blinds I eliminated a shorty. The Super Donkey was no match for the Asian Jew.

I was not involved in the next hand but had to capture it because it is so typical of Sunday's on FullTilt.

Late in tournament I went on a card dead spell, I did not properly jam when I still had fold equity, I got to point where I was going to be all in UTG or in BB so I jammed an Ace.

The CO was kind enough to cold call with his monster. I told the boys I was dead before hand came up thinking I was dominated.

Instead I was unable to fade the donkey.

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