Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Decided after week 5 to finally brag about the best fantasy football draft ever. The team has suffered a 2 point loss, two 6 point losses and a 13 point loss this past week to drop to 1-4.
This is a 10 Team league where we start 2 QBs every week and traditionally I believe I can find 3 servicable QBs and rotate based on matchups.
Scoring above reflects the results of the draft plus the 3 keepers I inherited from last years 8th place team.
Maroney, Westbrook and Boldin were my keepers, They had nice 3 week run, woot.
1st 3 picks were Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson and Vernon Davis, woot again.
Servicable QB trio of Delhomme, Losman and Trent Green were most spectacular as I think Losman is only one likely to play again this year but has long been cut.
Got knocked out of BoDonkey and New late night tourney by blackjack hands calling shoves. Always amused that "poker players" mock -EV games in Vegas aand take on propositions worse than Roulette with their calls.

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lj said...

are you trying to say you're only a luckbox in poker? weird that you having these guys on your team doesn't keep them in the starting lineup.

as an aside, i was told by the speedy gentleman next to me on the bus returning from bruce that he knows how to "beat slots."