Friday, October 05, 2007

Two Bonus Medals Woot

I am such a sucker for promotions, I think I got a bonus medal awarded before Alan.
I unleashed my luckboxery on another victim playing NLHE last night. UTG + 2 raised preflop to $4 at .5/1. I was holding TT so I called to set mine.
Flop was QhTh7h. Initial raiser bet $8 into an $11 pot. Instead of calling I chose to jam raising to $105 to futilely try to chase out flush draws. Raiser had AhJh so of course called. Turn was 4h river was Qd and I had sucked out a boat. My normal calling would have never let me seen river after 4th heart hit turn.
I also bubbled 3 SNGs on Stars yesterday, losing with QQ to TT all in on J 6 4 flop, losing with AA to 66 where I called jam pre-flop and losing with KK to A5o where my reraise put me all in pre-flop. LJ remains un-convinced that variance impacts us all.


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THAT is the coolest thing I have ever seen...