Sunday, October 07, 2007

Happy Columbus Day

Current Company is the only employer I have ever had that has Columbus Day as Holiday.


Daughter has school today today so the family does not get a long weekend out of town. Live Poker at Bay101 may be on calender today!

Saturday Night saw my 1st live poker since July. The cadillacpoker tourney had 54 entrants this month and paid 9 places. The tri-tip servered during the break was tender and excellent.

Was fortunate that 3rd hand of tournament in my BB 6 people saw a limped flop of 44Q. I was holding a beautiful 42 soooted while two of the limpers were holding a Q with good kickers. Because I'm a man and it was a rebuy I made pot sized bets on flop, turn and river and got 2 callers flop and turn and 1 caller on river when Joe decided that despite his catching K on river for 2 pair that I was BB and probably had the 4. Next orbit in small blind I rose 2 limpers with AdQd, got 2 callers and saw a K JdTd flop. Made my 1st tactical error of evening when I bet too much on turn. Rabbit hunt did reveal river was Kd which would have completed boat for opponent and secured me high hand of night prize as well as 35% of bad beat prize.
I needed to be against LJ because she never believes I could have flopped a straight against her 2 pair.

After rebuy dinner period I was 4th limper into a pot with 10 7 suited and was rewarded with 10 10 7 flop. I was in CO so when flop was checked around to me I made a stealy stab looking bet of half the pot and was called by BB and an erly limper. 8 came on turn and everyone checked (I was "scared" of straight) river 5 brought about fire works as BB had 10 5 and early limper had 88. My best boat of regatta brought me a huge stack that allowed me to take on races against smaller stacks until my arrival at final table.

Unfortunately when the 4 players from my table joined the other 6 we learned they had been more rebuy happy in the other room and we were the 4 smaller stacks. I had only a few premium hands and my open raising was pretty limited to UTG due to aggression of players to my right and big stack to my lefts desire to see flops with weak hands and hitting a lot. I did manage to knock out 3 of the final table participants and due to blinds and antes double up each time for a hard fought fourth. At that point the other 3 decided to chop.

The big stack kept stealing my BB and not once on his steal was I looking at a hand without 3 gaps, 2 suits or a card higher than Ten. He would then spew my chips to the other 2. I got in a few steals but the 240k chips I had when 4 handed play started were chewed up quickly with 15k/30k blinds with 5k ante. Still had +$600 net but 3 choppers above me cashed for $1k more.

In sports betting I have now correctly picked the winning team in 13 consecutive baseball games wagered on. If I had the good sense not to parlay over/under into tickets I would be way up rather than a little up.

Baseball pick for today:

NY Yankees

Not sure of the line but probably over since Yankees are streaky when they hit.

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