Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ten Things about me


8. I found this disturbing. I will drop anyone who tags waffles.

9. In my golf career I have hit 4 birdies. 1st was before arm break when average drive was 200 yards but variance was 100 -300+. 2nd was big banana slice where I did not know hole was dogleg right and I was trying to drive the 4th hole's green. My shot was mid fairway 75 yards from pin. 2nd was on the Plantation Course at Kapalua where I hit a massive drive that must have landed on sprinkler cover which aided it's bounce down the long par 5. 4th was due to a patented skull and run approach shot that left me a 7 foot putt. I love golf but I suck at it.

10. Despite my reputation I am not a luckbox. I will rely on implied odds against calling stations and fold when I miss, you only see the draws I hit!

Exhibit A happened near the Money bubble of $400k:

Exhibit B happened in L O8 Monday night:

11. I lived in 7 states plus West Germany before I graduated from High School. 1st 4 moves dad worked for IBM, later moves were because either Dad thought his boss was an asshole or they thought he was an arrogant pain in the ass.

12. My 1st job as an engineer was working at same company with Dad, I lived with parents for 1st year and half out of school and carpooled with Dad. On 22nd birthday after being at job one year Dad was let go in a RIF. It was a long 8 mile drive taking him home. It sucked worse driving back and going to a meeting where management explained why cutbacks were needed.

13. Got my 2nd job when headhunter Dad was using called old work number and was put through to me (I am a Jr.) after listening to job description I suggested he wanted someone with more experience. He asked what I did and had a job that fit better for my experience. I was also trying to get job in Atlanta at same time (due to girlfriend at time) so did not really want to start a new job in Maryland when I got the call with job offer. When Dee who was head of Human Resources at TTC called to make an offer I was about to go to a company meeting and certainly came across as unenthusiastic about job offer due to girlfriend issues. At company meeting they announced the CEO and 4 Vice Presidents had resigned and that a new Venture Capitalist was coming in and he would "evaluate all aspects of company." When Dee called back that afternoon offering more money I accepted.

14. commercial broadcast during 1999 Super Bowl was a major factor in getting me to California. I turned down a chance to interview at Corvis to come out here. I had worked with enough people at Corvis that getting job offer would have been slam dunk.

15. 10th anniversary of my brother-in-law Robbie's death due to cancer is in February, he was 36. Diagnosis to death was 10 brutal months, I never want to go through a period like that again.

16. 1st week of college I drank 32 kamikazes (5 parts gin, 1 part rose's lime) shots one night after several beers. I found a nice grassy spot to sleep, a campus police office woke me up and I threw up on his car.

17. I once tried to figure out if I could get to the east coast, kill someone and get back home without leaving suitable trail to put me in state, travel for work almost enabled me to do it. The intended victim gets out of jail soon, for now I will accept justice system worked but I better not ever see him near a family member again.

I have already seen 7 things about many of my fellow bloggers, since I can't unsee what Waffles wrote I refuse to tag anyone.

Cashed in Dookie, could have been a big chipleader in Mookie in blind v. blind battle but after my A9 outflopped jeciimd with 99 small flop I trapped jec for all his chips on a 2 outer and he luckboxed a 2 out K against me on turn.

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Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Man... good thing you had 8-17... At first, I was starting to get fired up at the thought of you cheating... ie using the 7 things that you did a few months back.