Thursday, October 25, 2007

Congrats Lucko

I have now gotten in almost 1200 hands of Limit O8 in the last week. My win rate is 2.93 BB/100 hands. I believe that this has led to accumulation of 10 bonus medals plus a nice chunk of rake back.

The most interesting number to me is the PF Aggression Factor. At .09 I must be the most passive pre-flop player in the history of O8. I am going to have to consider which hands I am not raising pre-flop that I should be raising. Looking at numbers I must only be raising AA2 with Ace suited. Sadly I think this passivity has crept into my NLHE tourney game so I can't play blogger tournaments worth a crap.

Congratulations to Lucko for the Rivershaser's victory. Now go back to focusing on $24k and $4k Guarantees. We'll hopefully see you at TOC.

I thought Chad had the major luck box powers over me with his abilities to flop straights playing crap like 63o and turning higher boats with KJo but at least with Chad at table I get playable hands. Lucko seems to draw away all my powers to hit flops or be dealt playable hands. In last 3 BBT events I have had QQ once which chopped to A3 when board had straight and KK once which lost to an A6.
I also want to issue MiamiDon a thank you for the head's up that it was pouring in Blacksburg and Bodog was slow to move the under. Sadly he also explained significance of the #2 team being an underdog and we both took a bad beat with the Hokies.

Donkarama is tonight, this week I will try to remember to register.


lucko said...

Thanks Bayne. I am sure I will see you in the TOC when you take one of these down.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

$200 down the drain thanks to the Hokies. I always hated VT and the one time I bet on them, they let me down. That's karma.