Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tournament Monday

Daily Double A out quickly.
Daily Double B out at 1st Break.
MATH, I was dead money since it was 6 handed, donked off some chips letting jesse river a set against my 2nd pair then got most of them back dropping quad deuces on him.
2 of my horses in the Lucko prop bet did well but Hoy went out early when his KK ran into a poorly played hammer. I understand the charm of getting someone to fold when you have the hammer, I don't get the "pride" felt when you call an all-in (or make a raise that must be called due to pot odds) and suck out a 5 outer for the victory.

$28k was a beautiful 15 minute tourney where big stack decided that despite my putting in 3rd raise pre-flop his QQ was still ahead, Q on flop and inability to 4 flush cracked my AA.
Played the $75 Knockout and got 0 knockouts thanks to a set vs. overpair flop where river gave my kill a better set.

I did enter the 50-50 and endured Chad and Don "praising" my play as Smokesque. I wish I could disagree but I did go out jamming into a bigger Ace for a 12th place finish. I still have not reached point where I am prepared to open jam 94o from button, part of hesitation last night was BB on my button was a shorty so felt he might be pot-committed with BB so wanted a real hand.

Overall the one cash was net positive for bankroll and hope to play the BodogBlogger tomorrow.


Chad C said...

I made a blog entry a long time ago about why you don't shove Ace junk shorthanded on an MTT final table bubble. I wish I still had it, but I thought it made sense. I'm not advocating shoving 9-4 off like you suggest, just saying that you would be better off with say 7-9 soooooted vs AJ than AT vs AJ. When you shove a weak Ace and get called you will always be at least a 3/1 dog. At least with 70 soooooooted you are drawing live vs big aces. 70 sooooooted vs AJ is 40/60 while AT vs AJ is 25/75.

lj said...

on the one hand i thought, "bummer, bayne is out in 12th. no final table, and w/ AT no less." on the other hand i was thinking "yay, sleep!"

totally agree w/ chad on above comment.

KajaPoker said...

AT got me busted from the Mook vs AJ last week. Chad is right and this is definitely something I am trying to work on.

I eventually fell asleep, but great job in the 50/50.

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Water said...

Ace Shitty kicker had become my enemy when I played. Now that I am sitting out until the Blogger Gathering and watching more poker, I can see how A-Junk causes more players to go out rather than ATC SOOTED!

Still it's always good when you are net positive.

11 Days till the kids and 30 Days till Vegas.

Anonymous said...

"You play to win the Game."

Nice run Bayne. Next time you final table.

Drizztdj said...

Excellent run again Bayne. I'm sure the BBT2 will turn around for ya soon.

smokkee said...

open jamming from LP when it's folded to you screams weakness and you will get called with alot of marginal hands and that's why you'll find Don ranting on the rail for 30 minutes after he gets knocked out.

Anonymous said...

Thats why Smokkee doesn't even play anymore because he's so "Unlucky."

That or he's too weak-tight anymore.

smokkee said...

weak/tight rooooolz