Friday, November 02, 2007

Level 1 Thinking

Blinds 250/500 antes 100?
EP raises to 1500
MP calls
On button with AdJd I call
BB calls

Pot is now ~6700
Flop is A 8 3 rainbow
BB checks
Level 1 EP bets 3700 and is all in
MP folds
I call
BB folds
EP shows 8 7 o for a pair of 8s beecause middle pair must be good when 4 players see a flop with an Ace.
turn brick
river 8

I am fawked as 4:1 fav again. and lose a coin flip to go out a few hands later when Button calls my jam with 99

Then in blogger cash I flop a straight with 9s8c on a Ts7s6h flop.
The 5s4s calls my jam reraise and is rewarded with a river flush.

Where is RNG love?


Anonymous said...

I don't understand the call from you on the button? If you jam Ad Jd does 87 come along for the ride?

Bad beat in that cash hand. You need that RNG reset man.

Chad C said...

Raise or fold? Call station poker gets you know where, especially in a bloggament..... Is AJ the new AK or something? I didn't get the memo.

SirFWALGMan said...

AJ sucks balls.

The other hand I think is a cooler. I mean what is the guy supposed to fold? A huge percent of the time he is ahead there. So he only had 9 outs instead of 16.. Wah Wah Wah.

lj said...

chad, i think the memo went around during your blogging hiatus...

ckbluffer said...

Chad thinks A-10 is the new A-K. He needs to get out more.

And just for the record, I do not suck balls.

BrainMc said...

You call this level one thinking(which I can't imagine is ever in a complimentary manner), but that would imply that I thought my 8s were the best hand which I did not. I am guilty of not crediting you with a good Ace (level -1, I guess). I tried to represent an Ace and was lucky to still hit an out after you called. I know you are a strong player and would fold a good pocket pair if you thought you were behind. I didn't have didly left so I saw it as my only opportunity since I opened the pot. I would have made the same bets if I had AK (which I apparently wasn't getting credit for anyway) and I assume it would have turned out the same, including your call.

I'm still learning and didn't put all of the pieces together correctly. I put myself in a bad position and that was my error. After reading your post, I see where I made a couple of mistakes. I have no idea why I feel the need to explain myself or my play. I can only guess it's because I know I can make some primitive plays, but I think I've been capable of more as well and I respect your opinion as a terrific player.

The beauty of these blogger tourneys is it gives $1 SNG guys like me the chance to play with better players like you guys and hopefully improve my game. The drawback is you run in to hands as a 4 to 1 favorite and the lose to players like me.

ckbluffer said...

I just tagged you.

CzechRazor said...

The hand was poorly played by both of you.

First of all, why would someone ever open 87 from early position with that chip stack and those blind levels? This means he had a starting stack of 5200 and the pot was 1650 at the start of the hand if the table was 9 handed. That means your M is 3. You should have been in push/fold mode even before this.

Second, you just missed a very easy squeeze situation but knowing your chip stack and MP's chip stack would make that easier to say. However, EP has made himself pot stuck even if he receives just 1 caller, so stick your raise in preflop with a hand like AJ suited if you're going to play it.

It was a good hand to learn from. Good luck.