Friday, November 23, 2007

Memories of Freshman year

No Poker Content:
Chad and I had a chat last night prompted my breaking news in Natalie Holloway's disappearance. He had made a comment something along the lines of you never hear of poor people disappearing in the news. I countered that Wayne Williams victims were certainly an exception but then realized Chad was a youngster when that was going on.
My freshman year at Georgia Tech Atlanta was tense because about every 2 weeks another young african-american male would disappear only to be found floating in Chattahoochee River within a week. Most of the victims lived in area of Atlanta within 3 miles to south of Georgia Tech campus so most of students did not want to walk through those neighborhoods except in large groups when we went to Omni for $1 movies or sporting events. There was some specualtion early whether crimes were racially motivated but at some point in the winter there had been many sightings of a young black male in a white van. I found this news to be a relief because nightmare scenario for me was a white supremacist group was behind killings and city would explode.

When Lubie Geter was found two Atlanta DJ's had the bright idea to dedicate Queen's "Another one bites the dust" to Lubie and when the song finished the program director for station was on the air announcing that they had already been fired.

Police staked out bridges over Chattahoochee and Wayne Williams was picked up and questioned due to splash heard while his van was stopped, a body was found 5 days later downstream and fiber evidence was found linking his van with several bodies.

Ironically or stupidly 2 years after Wayne was arrested for his actions my brother and 2 of his fraternity brothers who were freshman at Oglethorpe were stopped on same bridge. Police asked them what they were doing and driver (from New Jersey) said "We were going to leeave some coons by the river". Guns were quickly drawn and borther and 2 friends assumed the postition. They were allowed to release the racoons in live traps that were in trunk after search but officer explained the importance of saying racoon in Georgia.

Wayne might have actually killed the 2 victims he was convicted of killing and if I remember correctly prosecuters had "fiber evidence" linking him to 14 othe rvictims. The investigation thought the killer had claimed 29 victims.

I had not given much thought about liklihood of whether Wayne was guilty or framed but 1 prior arrest for impersonating an officer to 2nd arrest for 29 murders is quite the leap.

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Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

the leap between my first two arrests was much worse.