Monday, November 26, 2007

Sit and Go Challenge

This weekend in an effort to improve my middle/late stage play of tournaments I started playing turbo Sit N Gos. Don't think I am going to reach the 200/week level of Chad but I can probably play as many as tripJax.

As a homage to Chad we will show my screen as I multi-table:

That's right baby 2 at once! Real genesis for turning this into a challenge was that I cashed in 9 of 12 out of the gate with 3 1sts, 5 2nds and 1 3rd. I downloaded the poker tourney manager software (still 10 to go on free trial). 1st thing I found was that it could only capture 8 of 1st 12 tournies I had entered.

I would post more graphsbut I don't like the declining trend I am seeing.
I also played the Daily Double A&B each of the last 3 days. Friday I could have cashed in both but I took on a race with TT near bubble, CO had raised, I jammed, big stack in SB overjammed his AK and I flopped a set but he rivered broadway. Since the double cash bonus is usually ~$30-50 and the highest double finish is ~$800 I may have to re-evaluate how to play bubble.
I did manage to cash in one of 2 tournies each day with best finish being in DD A last night.
I made this laydown with 100 people left after turn bricked:

When I was looking at screen live I could have sworn it was T 9 6 so I can't take credit for a great read. Sitting 10th with 23 left I re-raised an EP raiser when I was holding KK. It was a Sunday so his AQ got me.
MATH is rebuy tonight, don't know how many donkeybeats I will have to endure.


Chad C said...

WOW, TWO! At this rate you will be done with 100 when our next president is being sworn in! weeeeeeeeeee

TripJax said...

Easy Trigger!

That's 2 too many methinks...

...I keed, I keed.

I'm gonna try to to keep up 5 at a time, but after cashing out for Vegas, my roll is just not where I'm comfortable to take too many hits at once.

Plus, it gets tough with the wife and kids getting in on the action with asking me to do stuff and hogging up all my time with *gasp* family stuff! How dare they?!

So far so good with between 3 and 6at once, but you just never know...

Chad is indeed a machine...

Good luck sir.