Thursday, November 08, 2007

Oh no you killed Kenny

After my missing 10 outs twice to go out 3rd in Riverchasers I was still a little psyched because for most part RNG seemed to like me so I decided to also play the $50+5 DS Omaha. Heads up I called a 3k raise when we both had about 65k in chips. Other than hoping my opponent did not have clubs I loved this flop! I of course went to felt because I have no business playing Omaha if I can't commit here. my opponent is holding 4 of my outs but the 6s hit the turn and 1st was mine.

Always good when bankroll is swelled by more than impending rakeback! Along the way in tournament I discovered FullTilt has made some bounty improvements!

I limped with a hand like 5689 double suited red from button, I called Kenny's pot raise due to position and implied pro bust odds with position and large stack from earlier river of straight flush against nut flush on unpaired board.

Flop was 466 and I felt compelled to raise pot size bet from the pro to clear out others, he called with his aces and I dodged the two outs and running flushes.


Otis said...

You so sick with that PLO. So sick.

lj said...

Ladies and gentleman, he's back. The luckbox is back! Woot!

RaisingCayne said...

Congrats! Nice win. And nice little gain for the pro bounty!

smokkee said...

ya man 'bout figgin time.

jusdealem said...

Very nice!

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Water said...

Sir, I found this horseshoe that you left on my grounds temporarily.

Glad to see you back!