Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A RiDankulous Omaha Beat

I did not realize until last night that it was possible to get all in pre-flop as a 7:2 favorite in Omaha

Principle 1 of Omaha is that since there a 6 possible combinations of 4 cards that you want at least 3 mildly playable Hold'em hands.

AA good HE
AJs somewhat playable A2s
A8s somewhat playable
AJo trouble AJo
A8o you are ahead of tourist A8o
J8o worst of my 6 J8o

Went out of Mookie when Joe Speaker raised from CO with KQo and I jammed TT forgetting pre-flop there really isn't "fold-equity" and lost the race.

Good Luck to all who play RiverChasers Thursday. I will be in Sports Bar without WiFi


lj said...

wait a're doing something social tonight?

smokkee said...

buddy had a nut flush draw and two possible straight draws with his monsta starting hand. *gold*