Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Cyndi

My little sister celebrates birthday on Friday June 29th (it is already 29th on east coast as I publish). Now that we are on separate Coasts and she works graveyard shift we don't see each other as much or talk as much as we should. But thoughts do include her daily.

Congrats to Hoy for winning Riverchaser's last night. I made it through whole tourney without being paid off on big hand, hate it when that happens. Congrats to BuddyDank on final tabling which may force pursuit into must win position in BigGame.

Ratatouille is opening today, this is the movie of the summer to my daughter, so will not be playing Kat's donkarama tonight.


lj said...

wait a second. does that mean it's your birthday too? (if so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, since i can't comment later at work. if not, uh, forget it.) enjoy the movie!

bayne_s said...

Yes it's my Birthday too.