Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Avatars and Poker Decisions

Julius Goat created a new blog. His table image post and an ad inquiry from ArtPoker led me to answer of how I could have Final Table image at any point in tourney and change avatars. Goat immediately saw possibilities in chat and a new blog was born:


In Bodog I was doing fine last night until Riggs shoved, I called with QQ (because casinos reserve bets with 10%+ edges to small bonus bets) and lost to his AK despite the Q hi flop.

I was short and recovered to starting stack but then jammed 88 over KK.

I was dreading the minefield that is NL O8 but I built up a nice stack after Hoyazo overplayed 2 pair (with no draw) only to spew off on flopped 3rd flush (with oesf draw), I committed to my read that Mattazuma's c-bet on flop was weak and he did not have flush. Millerd who had yet to act had nut flush and I missed all 6 of my river outs after turning 2p.

Then made my best decision of night powering down computer to go to bed before 10 and my worst decision of night and said something that pissed off hormonal daughter and caught elbow to ribs.

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