Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gratis Shilling

PokerStars Tournament #88373026, No Limit Hold'emSuper Satellite
Buy-In: 250 FPP
54 players
Total Prize Pool: $377.50
Target Tournament #88888888
Buy-In: $50.00
7 tickets to the target tournament
Tournament started - 2008/05/17 - 23:01:00 (ET)
Dear bayne_s,
You finished the tournament in 1st place.You qualified to play in Tournament #88888888 and are automatically registered for it.See Tournament #88888888 Lobby for further details.
Thank you for participating.
Thought the tournament number for the million dollar Turbo Takedown was cool. I did find it funny that points tournaments confuse PokerStars form email and 1 penny equals 1 point.
Direct buy in to the tournament is 5000 points, don't know the cash equivalent but entrants is capped at 12k, 2001-4000 gets paid $90 and 1st is $100k.

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