Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Day of Big Hands

Ran QQ into AK early in Bodog and never recovered.

In Skillz:
My AA took out LJ's AK.
My AA took out Lucko's TT.
My AK ran into a shorties AA.
As shorty I tried to steal blinds with ATs and SB had KK, this was real bad as SB calling raise playing that tight knew I was in trouble but continuing with 4 BB as BB did not seem fun either.

I saw FullTilt now has Super Turbo SNG with 300 starting chips for cash, I went 0/3 in the $7 flavor. Play was bad (as expected). Had one of my better bankroll managment days as I opted to not play cash, played only a few SNGs while sorting out emails from my extended family. Jerry Springer Show's have contained similar sagas but my favorite cousin botched a suicide attempt. I am getting filtered news from 3000 miles away so it's hard to know what to believe but current consensus is it was not a serious attempt.

Brief political interlude:
I liked Thomas Friedman's column today, but I live in the granola state and drive a Prius. Have no idea if Goverment is capable of conducting serious energy policy no matter who is in Oval Office and the NIMBYs mess up most energy plans locally.

Mookie is tonight, maybe I will get bounty and collect.


lj said...


StB said...

Great. A link to a whiny tree hugger who believes people cannot think for themselves. Hint to him: Global warming is a farce. There isn't proof it is man made and not a natural cycle.

Bayne_S said...


If US figures out a way to eliminate oil consumption the middle east can go pound sand.

there are multiple aspects to moving away from relying on interal combustion engines that are beneficial besides C02 production.

StB said...

Or we can drill oil on US lands and bring the price down. It is the attitude of these pompous guys that annoy me, not necessarily their ideas.