Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tuesday blahs

While Lucko was busy winning $25k and $35k I was busy getting pipped in tournies.

Bodog exit started when oossuuu defended his BB with K6, I had raised from CO with AT and flop was A K 6, after my C-bet put half his stack in I was committed.

I exited Skills when my 8754 lost to Swimmom's 8753. Could have let it go but Swim's board told me she was on an 8 but I bricked 7th.

I played $23k KO only to go out with JJ against QQ on 7 high flop, I should have let it go but decided opponent had AK.

$4k exit saw me flop a pair + wrap + flush draw against overpair + gut. Another missed draw but I like decision

LJ talked me into playing the turbo fiddy and I managed to go out 10 from money when I reraised QQ from BB into KK.

Only reasonable conclusion is poker sucks.

I am sure the Mookie will suck at 7 Pacific.


Instant Tragedy said...

Poker Sucks, but it is the friendships are forever.

Suckouts are the rake unless you are the suckee!


Have a great day


oossuuu754 said...

but my K6 was sooooooted

CC said...

Only thing worse than poker is live poker.