Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mallet and Swan Neck

I had the pleasure of visiting a hand specialist surgeon today.

The exact injury I suffered in December was Mallet and Swan Neck s/p dislocation and volar plate injury as well as a compression fracture. From explanation of the mechanics there are 4 tendons/ligaments that control finger movement and I managed to tear 3 while also breaking the bone. He could not recall a more severe "self-inflicted" injury. Self-inflicted in this case is that I applied all the force leading to injury in a movement rather than crash or fall or catching a Brett Favre pass.

1st joint is hyperexteded 18 degrees, 2nd joint dips 21 degrees and the compression fracture means pinky is still angled outward 13 degrees. The two joints are also really stiff from being in a splint so long so I have hourly exercises I must do as apparently you have 6 months to regain motion or he may operate.

Dr. drew nice picture of what he would do to fix via surgery where he would trim down my stretched volar plate, and drill a hole in proximal phalanx and bring the flexor tendon through hole "to a button" that would hold it in place as bone healed around tendon to act as "2nd volar plate.

I have incentive and clearance to do exercises.

Bodog is at 6:05 Pacific.
Skills at 6:30

I laid a bad beat on waffles leading to his MATH Gigli last night.

He chose to play 63s from MP early last night. My 77 crushed him when I hit one of my 12 outs on river. I had forgotten how much joy I get from waffles blowing up IM like he is only person to ever suffer bad beats, especially since he is usually the one 2 outing me and he has said "6 outs that's a lot" when he actually 4 outs me. (other straight draw would have been boat)

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