Monday, September 10, 2007

I am Ready for some Football

Despite losing the best player in college football and a 4 year starter at QB I am optimistic about Georgia Tech's prospects this morning.

1st test of season comes Saturday when Georgia Tech hosts Boston College. I like what I have seen from the line play the 1st two games, Choice is a fine starting Running Back but the young 3rd string back is the one carrying the ball in the clip. When you schedule the Div-1AA teams you are supposed to roll them. When you play Notre Dame this year you are supposed to roll them.

The QB play is a concern, thus far (according to Atlanta based observer Scott) "Bennett has looked as inaccurate as Reggie Ball". Boston College has not given up a lot of yardage on the ground so some passing will be required to keep defense honest.

Also gave some thought to the "Reggie Ball era" at Georgia Tech. Part of me always feels he was the worst 4 year starter in Division 1A history. I am sure part of reason for disappointment with his play was his freshman year's play was reminiscent of Joe Hamilton's freshman year. Hamilton improved every year while Reggie got worse each year. Makes me wonder what could have been if O'Leary had fled to his cameo gig at Notre Dame and Reggie had Ralph Friedgen's tutleage.

In my fantasy football matchups I have 3 close games and one where I am getting smacked. If Carson Palmer has huge game and targets Housh more than Chad I can pull off 4-0 week but 3-1 seems more likely. I did draft Peterson and Calvin Johnson for team that's getting smacked. Have Kitna on the bench so I have decent trade prospects for improvement.

Thanks for link to video Scott


Craig Cunningham said...

Sweetie graduated from Tech in 1991. She was in a dual degree program with Furman (three years there then two at Tech). She picked up her BS in Chemistry from Furman then ChemE from Tech. She was at Furman when they won the I-AA title then did the same at Tech.

I'd have to agree with you that Reggie Ball was the worst four-year QB probably in history. We're witnessing the real crime, that Bennett didn't have last season as a starter to maximize his time with Calvin Johnson as well as be that much better this season. BC game should be great though.

Scott said...

Dude - next time I want FULL ghost-writing cred...