Sunday, September 16, 2007

Questions from the Weekend

The daughter enjoyed her 1st dance, school does recognize that 7th graders are still kids for most part and also got one of those inflatable jumpy tents. She did not really tell me much about what happened but the wife heard the details and it was mainly jumping snacking and a little dancing and my normally shy daughter was hanging out with some of her friends. Daughter did get on my case upon return pointing out that "Stayed home, Mommy wanted to go out for dinner or snacks or coffee while I was at dance". Thanks for pointing that out after you got back.

Watched the Georgia Tech Boston College game Saturday Night and thought Patriots must be sharing their defensive signal stealing technology with BC. Their QB and line seemed to always pick up the blitzes and know the coverages. Georgia Tech did seem to have far superior punting game.

Finally registered for Hoy 's pick'em contest and immediately tagged the Bengals with the 16 confidence rating. How do the Browns score 51?

I also managed to face a fantasy football team that started Andre and Chad Johnson against me. Result pending but I am not optimistic.

On the poker front I played in the $5 rebuy satellites to Pokerstars 1830 $50k guarantee twice this weekend (with 2 seats cashed for $T) amazing thing to me was each night one player played it just like the donkarama. 1st night 1 player took 15 minutes to be in for 6 buy ins. Sunday a player was all in the 1st 3 hands and out 6 buy ins had a single buy in left and went out 2 hands later after dropping $30 in a sat for a $55 buy in tourney.

Has anyone else noticed that FullTilt RNG tends to reward those who go all in 1st without regard to what pot odds would be with a true deck of cards?

Does FullTilt's RNG have nothing better to do than kick me in the balls to boot me out of a tourney?

Warning rest of post may contain bad beat stories!

Dealt to bayne_s [8c 4s Ks Kh]
taynay folds
bayne_s calls 60
Abracapocus calls 60
def78985 folds
gopherpa folds
COMITAN32 calls 60
aylon calls 30
AAronnie checks
*** FLOP ***
[2d As Kd]
aylon has 15 seconds left to act
aylon bets 240
AAronnie folds
bayne_s raises to 1,020
Abracapocus folds
COMITAN32 folds
aylon raises to 3,360
bayne_s calls 1,170, and is all in
aylon shows [5s 7c Kc Ad]
bayne_s shows [8c 4s Ks Kh]
Uncalled bet of 1,170 returned to aylon
*** TURN ***
[2d As Kd] [Ah]

Dealt to bayne_s [Qd Qc]
Wood Floor Man (Observer): ghduuce25: ty donkey
sngmonopoly has 15 seconds left to act
sngmonopoly folds
40mousethatroared folds
Bud518 calls 40
diditmyway calls 40
bayne_s raises to 260
Haugtvedt16 folds
scapes9917 folds
ArkanSeb folds
duuce25 calls 220
Bud518 calls 220
diditmyway raises to 1,815, and is all in
bayne_s calls 1,170, and is all in
duuce25 foldsBud518 folds
diditmyway shows [Ts Js]
bayne_s shows [Qd Qc]
Uncalled bet of 385 returned to diditmyway
*** FLOP ***
[4s Jd 7s]
*** TURN ***
[4s Jd 7s] [9h] Here I thought "Fawk look at all the outs NFW I dodge them all"
*** RIVER ***
[4s Jd 7s 9h] [Ks]
diditmyway shows a flush, King high

For those not too disgusted with FullTilt the MATH is at 10 EST on Monday


OhCaptain said...

I wonder about that all the time. The loose donkey calling down everyone with a his monster stack seems to always find the turn and the river no matter how bad the odds are of winning the hand.


RaisingCayne said...

I'm proof positive! Full Tilt is rigged! No way does a donkey like me win two MATHs in a row.

Seriously though, there's been a lot of conspiracy talk about Full Tilt lately. I'm startin' to think "where there's smoke..." I was dealt the exact same 5d2c three times in a row tonight for instance and it had me "hmmmmm" ing. Of course, I'm not about to complain. I can only win at Full Tilt, they don't mind rewarding the donkeys!